To the success of football players and its comeback

In the world of football, there are interesting stories to tell, such as the understanding that football can turn into a total political or personal and professional interest too.

Players making a comeback

Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United has caused a stir on social networks. Indeed, it is the most sensational comeback in history. Like Antoine Griezmann's which was played out by the minute is a good plot twist. Although these are not the only great comebacks, in the world of football for some years now.

We are all aware that these professional football players are well paid for what they do and manage to make it to the list of the richest people in the world. Indeed, it is the clubs that have paid these players, not to win at sports betting with a big prize to look forward to, but to make themselves popular in the football world.

Let's talk about our most famous football players

Ronaldo left Manchester in 2009 with one golden ball, plus star status. He returns in 2021 with 4 golden balls and a football legend status. This return has not even been made official and the shirts are selling fast on the market.

Antoine Griezmann is now in the club Atlético de Madrid. The transfer of this player with one minute to go before his last day of the contract has given football fanatics something to wring their necks about. Yes, because players want to make sure that the club is good for them before they join.
For Paul Pogba who is at Juventus and he has also had his match story run. He's here with four series in two Italian Cups, plus two Super Cups, and he's also played in the Champions League final. Indeed, he is really good in his midfield position as he is the number 1 in the world.

For Thierry Henri, this player has really earned his place in the Arsenal club, and he even has his status outside the Emirates stadium. And yet he has in his baggage: 369 games, 226 goals, 105 assists, 2 first leagues, and finally 3 FA cups. In short, he is also a legendary player.

These players are the most sought after by the best football clubs in the world because of their talent and their decision to integrate into a team without any worries.